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Strategy Consulting

Our consulting team strives to support our clients in growing their businesses by providing them with expert information and recommendations. We take a holistic approach that goes beyond insight deliverables by facilitating long-term success and knowledge transfer.

Amazon is a fast-evolving, complex world that requires a thorough understanding in order to be leveraged fully. Having the right structure to tackle this challenge is crucial. In addition, not only understanding each and every topic, but also understanding the many interactions between them is key. To fulfill client demands, we combine concentrated knowledge and mature analysis techniques to find pathways to growth. Our versatile and tailor-made projects are purpose-driven without losing sight of adjacent fields.

Insights & Strategy

To expand profitable growth, it is crucial to have a concise understanding of the market and its characteristics. We work together with our clients to determine general conditions and possibilities, and derive our insights based on each client’s individual needs.

But that is only the beginning, as insight derivation occupies only ⅓ of the final working result. Strategy helps us empower our clients to be successful on Amazon in the long-run! Learn more about the insights and strategies we offer.

Knowledge Transfer

A company-wide understanding of the vast world of e-commerce opens the door to open communication between us and our clients. Therefore we offer services that build a uniform foundational knowledge base for our clients, where we coach around the world of e-commerce and beyond. We create a learning environment that provides guidance while taking different knowledge levels into account and is both insightful and inspiring.

We deliver guides for certain topics that simplify the internal working process and offer structure to these processes. Get an idea of our learning and guidance opportunities.


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Sebastian Gilles
Sebastian Gilles
Director Strategic Growth US & Innovation