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Knowledge Transfer

A company-wide understanding of the vast world of e-commerce opens the door to open communication between us and our clients. Therefore we offer services that build a uniform foundational knowledge base for our clients, where we coach around the world of e-commerce and beyond. We create a learning environment that provides guidance while taking different knowledge levels into account and is both insightful and inspiring.

We deliver guides for certain topics that simplify the internal working process and offer structure to these processes. Get an idea of our learning and guidance opportunities.


Receive a snapshot of the Amazon Cosmos

This Workshop is a snapshot of a complex and highly intertwined system, nonetheless, it provides you with insights and inspiration  to get the most out of your Amazon business.

Within one day, you will touch upon all relevant Amazon topics in a small group, ranging from 1 to 4 participants. We will cover:

  • The Amazon cosmos and its DNA
  • Operational basics and insights
  • Content and advertising.

In addition, we will customize the session according to the highest priority topics for you, such as:

  • Negotiating for better terms / prices
  • Determining if an AVS is worth the investment or if market prices are permanently decreasing
  • Other relevant topics for you

Let’s discuss what matters in your day-to-day business!


Build and improve overall Amazon knowledge

The FACTOR-A/DEPT® Vendor Academy offers you comprehensive operational knowledge, a platform for the exchange of experience and continuous hands-on training in the areas of product data/content, Amazon ads, vendor account handling and reporting and analytics. The curriculum of this FACTOR-A/DEPT® certificate course builds a profound knowledge base over a series of several sessions through a combination of expert lectures and individual training units on various Amazon-related topics.

The extensive trainings equally accommodates different learning levels and can be easily embedded into daily business over the course of around 3 months. Courses consist of both pre-read materials and workshops, with deep dives into all relevant aspects of Amazon through tailor-made content. We have created a customizable learning journey which can be easily integrated into existing e-learning platforms.


Capture and share guidance

Operating a business in the current digital world requires an inter-divisional collaboration including stakeholder engagement of different backgrounds, which often poses a challenge to maintain uniformity. It becomes difficult to set common ground in terms of minimum requirements, working methods, principles, best practices etc.  while still maintaining consistent brand representation throughout different platforms on a global scale.

We work with our clients to build guides that structure, explain and define various aspects of their digital business, according to their demands. The interactive guides we create serve to transfer knowledge broken down into detail in order to orient and support employees.

“The Vendor Academy from FACTOR-A/DEPT® is helping us drive organizational learning at scale across our global marketing community, to execute world class marketing on Amazon.”
Patrik Bälter, Global Director Digital Marketing at Electrolux