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Case Studies

Over 350 successful client projects worldwide

Philips: Increasing brand awareness during Cyber Week

In search of a reliable Amazon partner, Philips came to FACTOR-A/DEPT® to support the growth of their Domestic Appliances business in the NAM markets and entrusted us to grow their brand awareness and loyalty during Cyber Week on Amazon.

Medela: 360° growth strategy on Amazon

FACTOR-A/DEPT® facilitated a complete Strategic 360° analysis for Medela EU5 to help them generate additional e-commerce growth by getting a significant increase in conversions and advertising sales.

Frigidaire: Turning up the heat on Amazon Ads

FACTOR-A/DEPT® built a full-funnel advertising strategy to help Frigidaire take the US Room & Air category by storm and ultimately achieve the primary goal of inventory sell-through.

JBL: Amplifying a Brand Image Across International Markets

FACTOR-A/DEPT® efficiently created content for JBL’s large product portfolio across 8 marketplaces while simultaneously establishing an international brand image on par with their corporate identity.

Barilla: Encouraging Pasta Lovers to Buy Pesto

FACTOR-A/DEPT® used the Pesto Week event to focus advertising efforts on Barilla Pesto ASINs, which drove impressions, sales, clicks and more of the brand’s Amazon portfolio.

Electrolux: The Ultimate Knowledge Acquisition on Amazon

FACTOR-A/DEPT® worked with Electrolux to build a detailed & personalized academy to educate Electrolux employees on Amazon now and for years to come

Driving +345% YOY Growth on Amazon: Yamaha Case Study

A look into the content and advertising efforts of FACTOR-A/DEPT® in collaboration with Yamaha to exponentially improve their Amazon business.

Retargeting Case Study: Boosting Sales with Amazon's DSP

Have you plateaued with your Sponsored Ads campaigns? Retargeting will take you to the next level! Find out what’s possible in this real case study!

Case Study AEG: 68% sales increase through Marketing on Amazon

AEG is a leading global manufacturer of home appliances for private and commercial use. Our team’s expertise in Marketing on Amazon helped AEG sales climb by 68% in less than 3 months.

Case Study Universum Film: Bestseller with Sponsored Ads

Since Universum Film first entered film production in 2005, the company began making a successful name for itself. FACTOR-A/DEPT® helped optimize Universum’s titles through the implementation of Amazon Ads.

600% sales increase with Sponsored Ads: A case study

Discover how utilizing Sponsored Ads helped a home and garden decor brand achieve six times higher revenue on Amazon.

“As a rule, Amazon is the most important source of revenue for manufacturers in the B2C environment in e-commerce. FACTOR-A/DEPT® is a premium service provider that understands the requirements of brands, operates on a performance-driven basis and generates significantly higher revenues on Amazon. A decisive success factor for manufacturers is the high qualityFACTOR-A/DEPT® achieves due to its technological orientation in all services worldwide.”
Markus Fost
Managing Partner - FOSTEC & Company GmbH
“Manufacturers must sell successfully on Amazon today in order to have a chance of operating successfully in the e-commerce market tomorrow. With its headquarters in the heart of Europe, FACTOR-A/DEPT® is the service provider with the most advanced strategies and concepts because it entered the market at an early stage and looks after the most important major brands in their extended fields.”
Alexander Graf
E-Commerce expert - kassenzone.de
“Brands don’t only sell on Amazon: they are created on Amazon. Amazon is the central component in the customer’s journey. Premium brands would do well to make active use of the opportunities offered here. FACTOR-A/DEPT® supports you in the selection, set-up and continuous optimisation of marketing measures to position brands on Amazon for long-term success.”
Adrian Hotz
Founder - Adrian Hotz E-Commerce-Beratung