The beloved brands we represent are not the only thing that sets us apart. We pride ourselves on working with diverse, open-minded people from around the globe who put aside their differences to do one thing – think Amazon.


We are always looking for qualified experts and creative talents who prefer thinking about tomorrow rather than yesterday.


In summer 2018, we joined forces with the multinational digital agency DEPT® and formed its new e-commerce branch!

DEPT® brings together more than 1000 strategists, creatives, marketing experts and developers, all united by one thing: 100% digital DNA.

What makes us FACTOR-A/DEPT®

Start your career at FACTOR-A/DEPT®

Would you like to know what makes working at FACTOR-A/DEPT® special? Then lean back and enjoy a journey #tothemoon!

We answer the most burning questions in e-commerce: What strategies, approaches and processes work best on Amazon?

Join FACTOR-A/DEPT® and work with world-renowned brands such as JBL, Tommy Hilfiger, Montblanc and many others on their way to success on Amazon.

Each member of the FACTOR-A/DEPT® family embraces our core values.

Family & Friends

We don’t just tolerate each other – we trust and help each other as friends and family do. With that comes naturally a healthy work-fun balance as we play foosball, grab a beer or go rock climbing together after a good day’s work…

Get things done & go the extra mile

You accept challenges and approach them imaginatively, logically and progressively? You’ll fit right in! We are not satisfied until our clients are – and we are ready to go out of our way to always deliver.

Learn & teach

We are curious and open-minded. We are eager to bring our background to the table. We like to think through, think over and rethink once again. Finding new ways means rebuilding and reinventing familiar routes.

Customer focus & fairness

To interact with our customers in a clear, flexible and mutually beneficial manner is the cornerstone of our success. Without happy customers, there is no ‘us’, only ‘them’.

Growth and importance of change

Only through growth can we develop further as a team. But with growth inevitably comes change. We welcome it and proactively challenge the status quo.