Content & product data optimization

17,000 B+ pages optimized

2,300 A+ pages created

200 Premium A+ pages launched

Optimally designed product data is a must in order to successfully position yourself on Amazon in the long-term. The essence lies in the unification of search-relevant keywords and tailored product data so your customers can find the exact product and brand information they need to make a confident and informed purchase.

Our international content team uses in-house software tools to find the most relevant keywords that increase the visibility of your products, brand and entire portfolio on Amazon. Our FACTOR-A/DEPT® Marketplace Optimization (MPO) helps us create an ideal basis and increase your turnover on Amazon.

SEO on Amazon

Comprised of native speakers across all Amazon marketplaces and aided by our in-house tools and software solutions, our content team creates the optimized content that forms the basis of your success on Amazon.  We thoroughly research the buying behavior of your customers because only those who truly understand their customers can become visible on Amazon, and only those who are visible can sell. Using search-relevant keywords, our team of experts creates content with a consistent theme that brings your products to the forefront.

B+ content

We make it our responsibility to become experts on your products and thoroughly understand your customers’ search behaviors. We know what information is truly relevant and use this knowledge to create clear and concise content that is compliant with Amazon’s most current guidelines. We align product USPs with your brand voice and analyze and implement search-relevant keywords to attract potential customers on Amazon.

A+ content

Our A+ content provides a space to convey interesting information about your company, brand and individual products in a more creative and visually appealing manner. We create tailored content that fits your brand image and creatively fills the available space. With FACTOR-A/DEPT®, you benefit from years of brand expertise and over 2000 successfully launched A+ product detail pages.

Premium A+ content

Stand out from the crowd with Premium A+ content crafted by our experts. Beyond the images and text of A+ content, premium A+ also integrates videos and interactive modules to create an elevated shopping experience for your customers.

Brand stores on Amazon

Expand your overall brand presence with the creative advertising space provided by a Brand Store. We combine images, videos and text to highlight your products’ USPs and give your customers a more in-depth look at your brand. In addition to giving your customers an elevated shopping experience, brand stores also allow you to measure external traffic. Gain a competitive edge with the individual product, category and offer pages available through a Brand Store on Amazon.

Review management

Shoppers on Amazon rely heavily on reviews when making purchase decisions. Additionally, reviews serve as an effective means of communication between your business and your customers. Review management not only positively impacts your sales, but also provides valuable insights into your customers’ needs and wants, so you can adapt your content accordingly. The factor-a suite provides you with continuous ratings monitoring and comprehensive support in all aspects of review management so you can achieve and maintain a competitive edge.

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Jakob Kruhoffer
Business Development Director