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SEO, Content & Branding

Our content managers create SEO-optimized content that helps to increase the visibility of your products on Amazon while boosting conversion rates, thus generating more sales. Our specialized keyword research tools and methods help you to achieve maximum relevance on Amazon and Google. We also provide content creation for other marketplaces, such as eBay or Zalando, if you would like an even more comprehensive content presence.

On this page, you can find out more about optimal Amazon content or you can contact us directly with your inquiry.

Increase your turnover rate with FACTOR-A/DEPT® Marketplace Optimization (MPO)!

Successful long-term presence on Amazon requires displaying your products in the best way possible. This includes aesthetically-pleasing product information, such as bullet points, images, and videos, but also the important interplay between relevant keywords and product data.

Our specially optimized content helps to increase the visibility of both your brand and your products on Amazon. This helps increase conversion rates and sales. We prioritize working with native speakers for all Amazon marketplaces to ensure that potential buyers find the exact information they need in order to make a purchase.

Amazon content consists of B+ content (including backend keywords), basic/premium A+ content (product images and videos), your brand story, and brand stores. We can also help evaluate the success rate of your published content through A/B testing. Learn more about our individual services below.

We have the skills and experience to help your
brand succeed in content

01 Native speakers for all marketplaces

02 Several years of expertise

03 Comprehensive content optimization

04 Keyword creation based on data

05 Creative mindset

06 Help increase search traffic & conversion rates

07 Building trust and brand awareness

Case Study:
Strengthening JBL's brand presence on Amazon

SEO B+ Content

Success on Amazon starts with good, optimized content. Brands that understand their customer base become more relevant and visible. The more visible a brand is, the higher the sales rates.

Our content managers become experts on your brand’s products within the framework of Amazon content relevance analysis – both at the product level and within each general marketplace. Our goal is to thoroughly analyze the searching and buying behaviors of potential customers in order to optimize your product content to be as relevant as possible. Customer questions and reviews provide insight into what type of information consumers value when reading a product page. Therefore, the content of the page should be based on this input, in order to answer any potential questions. Our aim here is that the customer feels confident enough to simply click on the “purchase” button without further concerns.

Using our data-based keyword creation process, we identify, evaluate and integrate the most relevant keywords into the content – for maximum SEO boost! Plus, we always keep an eye out for any updates to Amazon guidelines.

A+ Content

In addition to the necessary B+ content, an Amazon product page also looks best with some A+ content, which allows for visually appealing, informative, and inspiring content about the company, brand, or product features. This combination of images and text creates an attractive product page, which helps to increase conversion rates. Another advantage to using A+ content is that it provides more emotionally-driven displays of product features, while also enabling comparison between products through cross or upselling charts. Customers also tend to have a better interaction experience if a product page includes A+ content. Premium A+ content provides even more visually-appealing aspects to a page, such as videos or interactive modules, giving Amazon customers a stand-out shopping experience.

Our content managers have a creative mindset and years of expertise that will help highlight your brand and its products with A+ content!

Brand Story

Branding on Amazon is an important part of strengthening your brand’s identity. Increasing consumer trust in your brand results in loyal, long-term customers.

The Amazon brand story allows you to carry out optimal branding directly on product detail pages. Provide a detailed brand description, introduce your brand portfolio, present your hero products, and link to specific Brand Store pages – all through the brand story. Individualize your brand story further by redirecting customers to the homepage or any other page in your brand store. The brand story can be enabled along with the A+ content, for the best possible version of your brand and products.

At FACTOR-A/DEPT®, we help optimize your brand story with the best design and content, making your brand stand out and shine!

Brand Store

Brand stores give you the opportunity to expand your brand presence on Amazon. Use this space to give consumers an immersive experience into your brand world through a strategic combination of images, videos, and text. In addition, a brand store is an ideal place to provide more in-depth information about your brand, as well as highlight product USPs. This is especially beneficial if some products require more explanation.

Like A+ content, Amazon brand stores help enhance the customer shopping experience while also offering a way of measuring external traffic. Brand stores are an important marketing tool, along with advertising and DSP. They are also an ideal space to present product launches or seasonal offers.

Our content team develops a strategy to create your unique brand store on Amazon, with individual, optimized pages for products, other categories, and special offers. These pages make your brand store even more user-friendly and improve user experience. Our designers work closely with our content strategists to create the best possible brand stores. Contact us to secure your brand’s own competitive edge!

Product Images

Product images are the ultimate form of visual branding. Images of your products can help customers feel emotionally connected to your brand. Moreover, these images are one of the first things that appear in both Amazon search results and product detail pages. Therefore, they should be visually appealing and of high quality. It is also possible to add a product video along with images. This can help your brand/product stand out even more and further increase conversion rates. An attractive image concept provides customers with comprehensive product information and helps shorten their purchase decision process.

There are countless possibilities for a successful image concept – from attractive mood images to exciting 360° shots. Infographics are particularly useful here, as they present product USPs to consumers in a visual yet simple way. Our designers are happy to advise you on optimal image designs and create image content that will encourage customer purchases.

A/B Testing

It is widely known that Amazon can be complex and difficult to understand at times. This particularly applies to content – it is difficult to accurately measure success rates based on KPIs and individual content components. Therefore, insight is often based on testing and experience. This is where A/B testing becomes particularly useful. You can find the A/B Testing function under “Manage your Experiments” on Amazon and is available to both sellers and vendors. Amazon currently offers five types of A/B tests:

  • Main product image
  • Product Title
  • Bullet Points
  • Product Description
  • A+ Content

This kind of testing compares two different versions of main product images, titles, or A+ content in order to show the success rates of each version. It’s an ideal basis for further optimizing your product detail pages and increasing traffic to your products on Amazon. During the final evaluation process, Amazon provides sales and conversion rates as well as other types of data about which version performed better. Included in these results are also the predicted results for one year.

We would be happy to support you in setting up a strategy, creating easily testable content, as well as evaluating the results, and providing recommended next steps.

Questions or concerns? We're here to help.

Katharina Lurz
Head of Editorial