JBL Case Study

Amplifying JBL’s Brand Presence on Amazon

Building a brand on Amazon

JBL is an American audio electronics brand, best known for producing speakers and headphones. They entered the Amazon cosmos as a well-known brand with the goal of maintaining a consistent brand image not only on Amazon, but across their entire web presence and beyond. FACTOR-A/DEPT® took on the challenge of optimizing a huge product portfolio in multiple marketplaces to increase brand awareness and product consideration while staying true to JBL’s beautifully cultivated brand identity.

The Challenge

JBL asked us to optimize the product content for their very large portfolio on multiple marketplaces while building and maintaining a uniform brand image in the Amazon cosmos.

We needed to develop an Amazon presence for JBL that not only reached new shoppers, but could be recognized by loyal customers and fit seamlessly into their existing e-commerce and corporate identity.


The Solution

We developed a design concept that could be applied to Premium A+, product detail page content creation and collaborated with JBL to build the Brand Store, which were rolled out for all categories and marketplaces. This not only ensured the uniformity of the content, but also increased the efficiency and feasibility of creation.

The content creation concept also served as a layout and guide for future content creation, as the brand and design continue to evolve.




Our Work

We took a comprehensive approach, working to adhere to the Amazon content regulations while staying true to JBL’s international brand image, keeping a customer focus and raising brand awareness and product consideration.

When working with such a large portfolio across multiple markets and categories, it can be complicated to maintain a uniform brand image and to optimize the content in a timely manner. For JBL, we developed a master layout / design guideline with a one-size-fits-all design concept that could be applied to every content type in every marketplace.

This, combined with our Amazon expertise and local insight, allowed us to sustainably push JBL’s performance while creating a strong international brand image. In combination with content creation, we implemented content monitoring to ensure the maintenance of the optimized content.

Our Considerations

  • Maintaining the brand image across all products, marketplaces and categories
  • Staying consistent with JBL’s corporate identity
  • Referring to Amazon Style Guidelines and adhering to the content and design regulations
  • Efficiently and feasibly creating high-quality content
  • Taking measures to increase brand awareness & drive product purchases
  • Regularly monitoring the content

Efficient & relevant content creation


Working with such a large product range and multiple marketplaces can make it challenging to maintain consistency from one product to the next. Whether it is uniformity within one marketplace but across multiple products, or for one product across multiple countries – we had to ensure all of our content was the same quality and had the same look and feel.

The challenge here is that our content creators are native speakers of the marketplace for which they create. Simply translating the content does not mean that it will have the same feel in another language. Therefore, we had to develop a standard design and content concept to which all of the editors could refer and adhere.


With no time to waste, we needed to develop a system that would allow us to create optimized content at our standard high-quality level without running into time issues.


Simply translating content from one marketplace to the next makes it impossible to fully optimize the content for each country and sacrifices the customer experience. The content for each marketplace is not only written by native speakers, but also thoroughly researched. Our content creators perform content relevance analyses for each product by researching the current Amazon reviews, questions & answers and similar products within the category. This helps them to detemine exactly for what information the customers in that marketplace are searching and include the most relevant details for them.

The content is also optimized with thoroughly researched keywords to improve conversion and best seller rank.

Amazon Premium A+ Content

(Premium) A+ Content

A+ content is an optional addition to the product detail page, including modules for personalized images and text, while Premium A+ Content also contains video options. When shopping with a mobile device, A+ content appears before the product detail information, and therefore determines the mobile shopping experience. The A+ design we created for JBL is particularly seamless, for full mobile optimization.

A+ Content should do the following:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Add to the product information
  • Represent the brand

Brand Store

The Brand Store offers the opportunity to build a unique brand website within the Amazon Cosmos. It allows companies selling on Amazon to personalize the experience for their shoppers while displaying their product range, special deals and establishing their brand voice. With the design input from JBL, we created an Amazon concept that we applied when we created the Brand Store to maintain uniformity with their already existing web presence.

Brand Stores on Amazon allow companies to:

  • Build a Store with a unique URL within Amazon
  • Serve as a landing page for qualified traffic stemming from Sponsored Brands Ads
  • Present the product portfolio and brand image in a personalized manner and enable cross-selling to increase customer lifetime value

Brand Building on Amazon

We worked with the designs provided by JBL to maintain a consistent brand image across all aforementioned forms of content.

Brand Building Across Products

Our design concept ensured a consistent design across multiple different product types.

Brand Building Across Marketplaces

By applying our concept to every marketplace, we built a globally-recognized brand image, regardless of which country customers are shopping in.

Monitoring optimized content to ensure continued quality

The energy and resources used to create relevant, optimized content for JBL is only fully exploited when it is monitored. Due to the high possibility of content deviation on Amazon, our optimized content does not always remain as the version that is live.

We implemented content monitoring for the JBL portfolio in order to:

  • Notice the overwriting of already optimized content
  • Quickly detect & correct any changes
  • Monitor and adhere to changes in the Amazon guidelinesKeep the intended, optimized content live at all times


Brand presence & time saved

JBL’s brand presence became not only extremely strong, but also uniform across all products, categories and marketplaces. The content design concept and implementation also boosted scalability and will cut time in half for future product optimization.

Not only did our work help boost JBL’s current sales and brand presence with optimized, uniform content, but our actions and initiative will also continue to save time and promote JBL as we continue to roll out new products and marketplaces.

Content Creation


Example: Brand Store, Germany