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Frigidaire is a subsidiary of Electrolux and has served as a renowned consumer and commercial home appliances company for over 100 years. Loyal customers rely on Frigidaire for their high quality refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers among other home appliances.



Sponsored Ads KPIs, April 2022

A full-funnel approach

Since the beginning of our collaboration in 2019, Electrolux has put their full trust in FACTOR-A/DEPT® to manage their large product portfolio and develop an effective full-funnel approach that helps them not only gain customers on Amazon in the US, but also maintain a strong relationship with those customers.

With our advertising and consulting services, we have applied a holistic approach to help Electrolux go from performing well on Amazon, to excelling above and beyond.

Electrolux is already an internationally known brand with an established presence on some more traditional retail channels. Frigidaire aimed to continue building and strengthening brand awareness when they brought their Amazon business in-house, so they elected to sell their inventory to Amazon from the beginning. This posed a unique challenge that led us to pursue sell-through as the primary performance indicator.



Our primary objective of this campaign was to build brand awareness, as Frigidaire brought their Amazon business in-house. We also aimed to position them at the top of the market from the start.

We focused on building a strategy to help reach our goal of sell-through by positioning them to reach many shoppers that were likely to make a purchase.

Finally, we aimed for a high category ranking, to take Frigidaire to the top of the Room & Air category in the US with our advertising efforts.

The Challenge

Electrolux brought their Amazon buisness in-house and sold their inventory to the e-commerce platform from the beginning. Having not utilized Amazon ads for the Room & Air category before, they turned to us as the experts.

We then needed to develop a strategy to help them achieve the main goal of sell-through and conduct continuous monitoring to optimize the strategy based on real data.

The Solution

We combined sponsored advertising and DSP with analyses and insights from our consulting team to follow the user journey and accrue exact leads.

We also worked to understand exactly where and which customers were converting and pinpoint the places in the funnel where any issues were arising that were preventing us from achieving sell-through.

Our Approach

Advertising Tools

This case was a perfect example of how a brand can fully utilize all of Amazon’s ads products and achieve great results by implementing them in combination. We built a full-funnel advertising strategy that included all of the Sponsored Advertising products as well as the Demand Side Platform (DSP).


Leveraged Products

As far as the placements that helped us accomplish our goals, we used:

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Brands videos
  • Sponsored Display Ads
  • DSP

Sponsored Brands allowed us to achieve visibility in the upper funnel but the majority of our budget was targeted on Sponsored Products Ads as the majority of our revenue comes from this ad type.

This shift allowed us to get the top of search placements. We have also been using generic category targeting exact which has driven Frigidaire to the number one ranking in the Room & Air category.



This campaign and these efforts continue to run and the results continue to improve even more. We hit 65% sell-through – a result that still continues to increase, and occurred even before the peak summer season. Due to this success, Electrolux has already planned to send more Frigidaire inventory to Amazon in the middle-end of July.


DSP KPIs, April 2022

DSP Benchmarks

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Maxime Delatte
Data and Strategy Junior Consultant