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Do you have an acute question about your Amazon business and need a quick, personalized answer? You are facing a challenge that makes you sweat? Or you need his strategic advice because you want to drive your Amazon Business?

Former Managing Director Marc Aufzug and other experts will take the time to answer your questions in a FREE one-on-one meeting.

Ask your question now:

You may be wondering:


  • How should I deal with Brexit?
  • How do I prepare for the annual review?
  • How do I deal with allowances, chargebacks, etc.?
  • Help, Amazon isn’t placing orders anymore. What now?
  • Am I growing strongly enough or are my competitors overtaking me?
  • What are the right KPIs and how do I find benchmarks?
  • Is my Amazon agency doing a good job?

Why should you ask us?

  • The search for answers takes time. And often you don’t find the solution that is best for your specific problem.
  • We provide you with answers and approaches that will help you make an informed decision for your business.
  • You will be advised by our former Managing Director and other specialists with many years of operational experience in the Amazon business.
  • We serve customers from various industries across different country marketplaces and draw on a broad, field-tested wealth of experience.
  • We know how quickly Amazon changes the rules of the game and how quickly markets evolve. With us, you get future-oriented, sustainable solutions.

1 Not a sales pitch

2 Real experts with years of Amazon experience

3 Quick, knowledgeable

Our experts

Marc Aufzug

Founder & Former Managing Director

Marc is the founder and former managing director of FACTOR-A/DEPT®. Through over 200 successful projects, he was able to establish FACTOR-A/DEPT® as a leading service provider and pioneer in brand and manufacturer support. As a partner, he continues to advise manufacturers and brands on strategic and operational marketplace management on Amazon.

Alexander Ortner

Principal Amazon Retail

Alexander Ortner is Principal Amazon Retail at FACTOR-A/DEPT®. He spent almost nine years working directly for Amazon. He draws on valuable insights when advising FACTOR-A/DEPT® clients. He focuses on analytics and strategic consulting.

Kimberly Maggard

Lead Programmatic Advertising

Kimberly Maggard is Team Lead Programmatic Advertising at FACTOR-A/DEPT®. In 2017 she moved from the Search Team to Programmatic and has since built up the DSP Campaign Strategy and Management division at FACTOR-A/DEPT®. With the help of her team, she helps over 50 brands increase their Amazon sales through programmatic advertising.

Katharina Lurz

Head of Editorial

Katharina Lurz is Head of Editorial at FACTOR-A/DEPT®. She started as an editor and specialized in Amazon A+ content early on. At FACTOR-A/DEPT®, she helped build up and restructure her department. Together with her team she has successfully implemented projects for more than 100 brands.


*Disclaimer: To ensure the high quality of our consultations, we will review your request before scheduling an appointment. Please understand that not all requests are eligible for consultation.