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|Amazon Brand Stores and Sponsored Ads Launch in Sweden|Amazon Brand Stores Now available for use in sweden|Amazon Brand Stores and Sponsored Ads Launch in Sweden|Amazon Brand Stores Now available for use in sweden

Sponsored Ads and Brand Stores Launch in Sweden

Sponsored Ads and Brand Stores are now available on Amazon.se, opening opportunities for retailers and shoppers in Sweden and around the world.

After the launch of Sponsored Display Ads in Sweden in July, Amazon has announced the launch of Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands Ads as well as Amazon Brand Stores in the Swedish marketplace earlier this week. These advertising services allow Amazon businesses that are selling in Sweden to improve visibility, reach more customers and increase brand awareness, among other benefits.

International Expansion on Amazon

Not yet a seller in Sweden but thinking about expanding your business internationally? When building your Amazon advertising strategy, it is important to consider not only how to reach shoppers in the marketplace in which you are based, but also those around the world. The expansion of Amazon advertising and other features to new markets is making it possible for businesses to scale on a global level. Sweden is the third market in which Amazon has expanded Sponsored Ads into this year, after the Netherlands and Singapore.

Sponsored Ads and Brand Stores on Amazon have many benefits for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a vendor or seller, implementing these features will allow you to experience increased sales and more visibility and to be able to control costs and even track your sales.


Sponsored Ads are made up of Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display Ads on Amazon. Benefits include:

Helping products gain visibility, appearing simply where customers will see them.

Aiding in increasing sales by directing shoppers that are exploring similar products to your product page.

Controlling costs, thanks to the CPC feature, meaning you set your budget, decide exactly what you want to bid per click and pay only when shoppers click your ad.

Allowing tracking for a variety of metrics, for a clear picture of the impact Amazon Advertising has on a business’s sales and performance.

What Are Sponsored Ads and Brand Stores?

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Brands

Brand Stores