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New! Amazon introduces Multi-Stores for Brands

Where previously, until this point, brands could use only one Amazon Store per account: now, vendors and sellers have the option to create, and manage, several Amazon Stores at once, through just one account.

This update is already available for approximately 10% of Amazon brand accounts. At the end of January though, it is set to be rolled out for all accounts on Amazon. The sole prerequisite to creating multiple Amazon Stores, is the registration of your trademark with Amazon.

Best Practice: You can  use Amazon Stores as a landing page for Sponsored Brands, DSP Ads, and external campaigns (such as on Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

What are Amazon Stores?

Amazon Stores offer brand owners the chance to independently build brand shops within the Amazon ecosystem. This is the best means available to showcase your brands and products. Each store then receives its own, brand-specific link.

To create a store, you can use the Store Builder. Vendors can find the Store Builder function under Stores, in their Amazon Advertising account, Sellers in Seller Central.  You can create a new Store easily, at no cost.

An Amazon Store can consist of several pages with up to three sublevels. Each page consists of different elements, which can be put together flexibly in various combinations according to the concept of building blocks.

Best Practice: If your brand wants to drive external traffic to Amazon, Amazon Stores with their analytics dashboards are (so far) the only way to measure the success of a campaign.