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Amazon startet in den Niederlanden|Retail Marketing Platzierung auf amazon.nl|Retail Marketing Placement on amazon.nl (Source: Screenshot amazon.nl)

Amazon launched in the Netherlands

The wait is over: Amazon.nl is live. According to a press release by the retail giant, more than 100 million products are waiting to be discovered by potential customers on the Dutch marketplace. Due to the launch, there are naturally lots of attractive bargains available.

Amazon.nl: The first Vendors are ahead of the game

Presently, the product portfolio in the Netherlands appears to be more limited than that of other marketplaces. Amazon's vendor sortiment in particular is not fully available yet. In this instance, brand manufacturers and large retailers sell their goods to Amazon, and Amazon distributes them to end customers. This is in contrast to the vendor model, where vendors use Amazon as a marketplace and sell their goods directly to end customers.

According to our experts, vendors who are already represented on Amazon.nl at the launch will secure a decisive advantage. This is especially relevant for the next 12 months.

The launch also offers Dutch companies the opportunity to sell their products throughout Europe via Amazon.

Amazon's market entry into the Netherlands will cause a huge uproar in the retail sector. As the retail giant, like the major local marketplaces bol.com and Coolblue, uses dynamic price matching, the importance of competitive prices is likely to increase. Dutch consumers will benefit greatly from these lowered prices.

Amazon Advertising launches with delay

It will be a while before vendors and sellers can use search marketing in the form of Sponsored Ads. It makes sense that Amazon first wants to test what works organically, generates demand and reduce complexity.

Retail marketing placements are already being played out on Amazon.nl. They can only be booked via Amazon's retail division.Instead of making a targeted search, our experts predict that Dutch consumers will initially browse more on the platform. Retail marketing placements can therefore still offer real visibility, unlike in more established country marketplaces. Amazon will also keep a low profile in the Netherlands in terms of transparency of data.

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