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Video AMazon Ads vs Facebook ads

Why Amazon Ads will be bigger than Facebook Ads

Kimberly Maggard is Amazon Ads expert at FACTOR-A/DEPT®. At DMEXCO 2019, she showed why Amazon should definitely not be neglected when it comes to marketing. Learn how Amazon is becoming a marketing powerhouse and why Google and Facebook are (rightly) scared. Kim explains the differences from traditional marketing models and walks you through the Amazon customer journey. She explains the key strategies that work at every stage of the sales funnel.

How is Amazon growing so fast?

The pillars of Amazon’s success – Amazon customer data, Brand Safety, premium inventory and more!

A new era of purchasing decisions

Consumers are arriving at their desired product in different ways than in the past.

Advertising Strategies

Amazon DSP and Sponsored Ads along the entire customer journey.

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