Strategy for amazon workshop

/ limited number of participants

/ applicable knowledge

/ individual arrangement

In the FACTOR-A Amazon Strategy Workshop,
you will learn:


  • How the Amazon DNA differs from other trading partners and what this means for you as a manufacturer
  • Why Amazon is relevant for every brand and is far more than just a pure sales channelHow to take advantage of the increasing degree of automation
  • Which are the most common prejudices against Amazon
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different Amazon Business models
  • Why annual discussions and negotiations with Amazon are often more one-sided than they should be
  • Which conditions are reasonable, which are not and which can be risky
  • What Amazon’s dynamic pricing is all about
  • Why dynamic pricing is more opportunity than risk in the long-term
  • How cooperation with Amazon will change in the future


The topics of this workshop are only a suggestion and can be adapted to your wishes and needs at any time.

Further topics such as logistics etc. can also be integrated if required.

Complex and sometimes inconsistent logistic and accounting processes, poor accessibility, various conditional and operational requirements, market price dynamics, constantly changing key figures, abbreviations, standards – these are only some of the topics that often make the cooperation with Amazon a challenging task.

Your advantage

Applicable knowledge
Participants receive concrete action references to strategic topics surrounding Amazon

Tips & Tricks
We provide many tips & tricks from our practical experience

Individuality guaranteed
The workshop can be personalized to meet your individual needs and you have the opportunity to ask questions at any time

You will receive all the documents you need for easy reading whenever it suits you


Applicable knowledge
Participants receive concrete action references to strategic topics surrounding Amazon

Number of participants
The number of participants is limited and coordinated based on needs and timing to ensure the best possible training

Who is the seminar for?
Our strategy workshop is primarily aimed at decision-makers in your company who are confronted with strategic issues

Are there any prerequisites?
There are basically no prerequisites for participation. Some basic knowledge never hurts, but it’s not a must

Do you want to know more about the workshop? Ask our expert Alexander Ortner

Alexander Ortner
Principal Amazon Retail