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Amazon ads workshop

/ Limited number of participants

/ Applicable knowledge

/ Individual format

Learn how sponsored ads and the demand side platform (DSP) on amazon work and how you can increase your sales with the help of amazon ads.


In 2016, Amazon in Germany generated a turnover of 14.1 billion dollars. With 229 million products being offered, the product range has more than doubled between 2014 and 2016. This corresponds to a daily product growth of over 167,000 products.

Every day, countless AB tests are carried out on Amazon, processes are questioned, mechanics and algorithms are changed, tested and discarded. With Sponsored Ads (formerly Marketing Services) a highly profitable cost-per-click solution has been established directly at the point of sale. The Demand Side Platform (formerly Amazon Advertising Platform) also enables the switching of efficient display and retargeting campaigns.

Keeping a continuous eye on all these developments at once while regularly controlling your product range accordingly is a great challenge for many brands and manufacturers.

factor-a implements the growth plans of leading global brands on Amazon and helps them reach their goals. In our intensive workshop on Amazon Ads, you, as a manufacturer, receive valuable insights into the central growth drivers on Europe’s largest marketplace. Reach your growth goals now!


Brief overview:

• Building the foundation

• What is your background?

• Why is Amazon Ads important for your growth?

Tentative workshop itinerary

10:00-12:00 – Sponsored Ads

  • Campaign strategies and goals
  • Account structure
  • How to build effective campaigns
  • How to implement a continuous optimization process
  • Monitoring and analysis of campaigns
  • Reporting and KPIs
  • Common pitfalls
  • How to analyze your campaigns


12:00 noon – lunch break


13:00-17:00 – Demand Side Platform (DSP)

  • How to build a scalable Sales Funnel
  • Strategies and goals
  • Result evaluation

17:00 Uhr – end


The topics of this workshop are only a suggestion and can be adapted to your wishes and needs at any time.

Your advantages

Applicable knowledge
The participants learn how to implement the seminar contents in practice.

Tips & Tricks
We provide many tips & tricks from our practical experience.

Individuality guaranteed
The workshop can be personalized to meet your individual needs and you have the opportunity to ask questions at any time.

You will receive all the documents you need to read whenever it suits you.


Number of participants
The number of participants is limited and coordinated based on needs and timing to ensure the best possible training.

Who is the seminar for?
Our content is individually adapted to the participants. Our Amazon Advertising Workshop is aimed at both beginners and advanced users.

Are there any prerequisites?
There are basically no prerequisites for participation. Some basic knowledge never hurts, but is not a must.

Do you want to know more about the workshop?
Ask our expert Alexander Ortner

Alexander Ortner
Principal Amazon Retail