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Why Amazon Advertising will be bigger than Facebook Advertising

FACTOR-A’s Amazon Advertising expert Kimberly Maggard took the stage at DMEXCO 2019 and showed why Amazon Advertising is the next big thing in marketing.

Find out how Amazon is quietly transforming into an advertising powerhouse and why Google and Facebook are (rightfully) afraid.

Demonstrating the differences from the traditional model, Kimberly takes you through the customer journey on Amazon and reveals key strategies we employ at each stage of the funnel.

How is Amazon growing so quickly?

The pillars of Amazon’s success – Amazon customer data, brand safety, premium inventory, and more!


Customer decision process in the new era

Consumers follow different routes towards their desired product than they used to.


Advertising strategies

Amazon DSP and Sponsored Ads along the whole customer journey.


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“Lets talk about Amazon Advertising!”

Kimberly Maggard
Lead Programmatic Advertising