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Electrolux case study

Electrolux case study: The ultimate knowledge acquisition for Amazon


How factor-a built a detailed and personalized Amazon Academy to educate Electrolux employees now and for years to come


In this case study, you will find:


  • How the Amazon Academy was created for and in collaboration with Electrolux
  • What the Amazon Academy accomplishes
  • The Amazon Academy content, in detail (Amazon as a Cosmos, content, advertising and KPIs as a decision maker)


Sebastian Gilles

Sebastian Gilles

Director Strategic Growth US & Innovation

Sebastian Gilles is responsible for the further development of our strategic consulting services and data-based consulting products. Before joining FACTOR-A/DEPT® at the beginning of 2020 to help numerous large manufacturers develop the right e-commerce and Amazon strategy, Sebastian founded two start-ups in B2B e-commerce and SaaS and worked in the digital and strategy consulting division at Accenture and BCG.

Maxime Delatte

Data and Strategy Junior Consultant