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Vendor vs. Seller models on Amazon

How important is it to choose the right Amazon distribution model for your business? Very. Here’s how you do that.


More and more companies are now using both Vendor Central and Seller Central to take advantage of both platforms on Amazon’s Marketplace. This combined use is known as the “Hybrid Model.”

While Amazon Vendors have lower fees and more sophisticated marketing tools, Amazon Sellers benefit from more analytics, margins and control. Each side has its mutually exclusive advantages.

In this Whitepaper, gain the knowledge to decide if the Hybrid Model is right for you, and how companies use both Vendor and Seller Central to manage their catalog and growth on Amazon.

Alexander Ortner
Principal Amazon Retail

Learn more in this whitepaper:

  • Vendor vs. Seller – Which is right for my business?
  • The Amazon Hybrid Model: Combining Vendor & Seller Central