factor-a Suite

factor-a suite: how one software solution guides brands through the amazon jungle and can help you reach new heights, too.

Roberto Russo
Managing Director

Vendor issues on amazon solved with ease and clarity

Vendors on Amazon face challenges on a daily basis. Ranging from the Vendor Central account management through inventory tracking to analyzing marketing activities, the issues are as complex as they are numerous. If you often find yourself overwhelmed with problems that shouldn’t actually be problems and reports show you waste resources in unexpected places, then utilizing a third-party solution that interprets your data and automates operational tasks is a must.

In this Whitepaper, you will discover:

  • Why Amazon doesn’t have to be an impenetrable jungle
  • How to solve the biggest problems you encounter daily as a Vendor on Amazon
  • Why the factor-a suite is unique among its competitors
  • How to use the suite to save money and boost your sales

More information about the Whitepaper:

Sustaining operational excellence becomes an issue for many larger brands whose product portfolio on Amazon can count to hundreds or thousands. Amazon’s own Vendor Central and Advertising platforms do not constitute an all-round tool. Gaining actionable insights is difficult due to the inherent limitations of these platforms and their insularity. Oftentimes, conducting analysis in the VC involves scraping excel sheets for hours while optimizing campaigns in Amazon Advertising does so likewise.

After reading this whitepaper, you will understand not only the consequences of getting lost in this jungle of data, but how easy it can actually be to cut through them with the right tools. Get ready to become the queen (or king) of Amazon.


The factor-a Suite