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The New Amazon Normal - Main Challenges of Our Clients in 2020

2020 was a year that turned everything upside-down, and business on Amazon is no exception.

From strategy to advertising, content and software, businesses have been forced to completely reimagine the way they handle their Amazon business this year. In this live session, Amazon experts Marc Aufzug and Alexander Ortner discussed the challenges our clients have faced through the ups and downs of 2020 and how redefining e-commerce as we know it has helped them emerge stronger than ever.

Join Marc and Alexander as they took a deep dive into the new Amazon strategies based on real market data that have led to the changes in advertising, content and software helping businesses to succeed on Amazon in 2020. Additionally, they broke down the Amazon trends from this year or unpredictability and explore how these trends can help predict what moves will lead to success on Amazon in the coming years. Watch the video below and become an expert in the “new Amazon normal.”

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Alexander Ortner
Principal Amazon Retail