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Sponsored Brands Ads

What are Sponsored Brands Ads?

Sponsored Brands ads on Amazon are a customizable, cost-per-click advertising solution that can include a product image or video along with a title. These ads allow vendors and professional sellers to tell a story about their brand to engage new and returning customers.

When different aspects of the Sponsored Brands ad are clicked, the shopper is directed to your product detail page (when they click directly on the product), Brand Store or simple landing page (when they click on other parts of the ad).

These ads can include the advertiser’s choice of a brand logo, custom headline, custom imagery and three products with images (or one product with a video) in a prominent search placement, helping shoppers to not only discover, but engage with their brand.
  • Open for professional sellers registered with the Amazon Brand Registry or vendors
  • Active account in good standing with Amazon
  • Ability to ship to the country in which they are advertising
  • Valid payment method
  • Products are in one or more of the following categories (see table). Excluding: adult, used or refurbished products
  • KDP account requirements: must have at least 3 unique ASINs under a single pen name (or just one ASIN when using a video ad) and KDP and Amazon Advertising accounts in the US

Benefits of Using Sponsored Brands Ads

Sponsored Brands help increase brand visibility and drive product awareness because the prominent ad placements (i.e. at the top of search results) allow you to easily meet your shoppers while they are searching for what to buy on Amazon.

With custom headlines, you can portray your brand message and create a consistent shopping experience for your customers. Shoppers can click your brand logo, which will direct them to your Amazon Brand Store or a custom landing page. They can also click the product in your Sponsored Brands ad, which will direct them to the respective product detail page. Sponsored Brands Ads allow brands to create their own branded shopping journey within the Amazon cosmos. With a customizable headline and the ability to incorporate your brand logo, this type of ad allows you to maintain a consistent brand image across Amazon and your own channels while the cost-per-click pricing model keeps costs under control.

For more information on creating a Brand Store that will complement a Sponsored Brands campaign and strengthen your Amazon presence, check out our How-To Brand Stores article.

Creating a Sponsored Brands Campaign

Note: Your daily budget should be high enough to keep your ads visible throughout the day. If your budget runs out for the day, your campaigns won’t be able to run again until midnight, when the daily budget resets.
  • Product Collection: Best used to feature a brand logo and promote multiple products from a landing page of your choice.
  • Landing page options:
    • Amazon Store (including subpages)
    • New landing page
    • Custom URL
Note: Clicking on different elements of the ad directs shoppers to different locations (i.e. Product Images→ Product detail page and Brand Logo or Headline→ LP or Store).
  • Store spotlight: Best used if your strategy is to build awareness of your product portfolio and brand as a whole
  • Landing page options: Amazon Store (must have 4 or more pages, each with 1 or more unique products
  • Video ad: Feature a single product
  • Landing page options: Product detail page

For Product Collection:
  • New Product list: Select the products you want to advertise
  • Feature at least 3 and no more than 100 (for best results, choose products from same category or with similar keywords)

For Video (beta):
  • Select a single product you would like to advertise and when shoppers click the video they will be redirected to the PDP

For Product Collection:
  • Brand name and logo: Select a 400 x 400px image (< 1MB) for your logo. Use a logo image from your catalog or upload a new one. See Brand Logo Creative Acceptance Policy for guidelines
  • Headline: Include ad copy that is consistent with your brand voice
  • Custom Image (open beta): Include imagery to demonstrate the lifestyle applications of your brand and products. Appears on the mobile app and mobile browser at the top of search placements (notice you also still need a Brand Logo)
  • Images should be at least 1200 x 628px (<1MG) and PNG, JPEG or GIF - see Custom Image Creative Acceptance Policy for more info

For Store Spotlight:
  • Indicate a display name for each store page (option to change the image for each page) and arrange pages in desired order

For Video (beta):
  • Upload a video (.mp4 or .mov) with the following resolution proportions
  • 1920 x 1080px, 1280 x 720px or 3840 x 2160px with size 500MB or smaller
  • 6 sec-45 sec in length (optimal is between 15 and 30 seconds)

Keyword Targeting - choose keywords to show your products in customer searches and detail pages
  • Best when used if you know the search terms shoppers are using are similar to those used to find your products
  • For KDP Authors- best to choose a range of keywords including broad, short-tail and more specific keywords (i.e. starting with a broad description of the genre or category and working your way down to specific keywords about related authors or themes)

Product targeting - choose specific products, style, categories, brands or other features that are relevant to the product you are advertising
  • Shoppers will be shown your ad when browsing detail pages and categories or searching products on Amazon
  • Target individual elements or target combinations for categories and brands in one campaign
  • Amazon offers suggestions for product targeting and you can create a negative ASIN and brand list to avoid unwanted impressions
  • Categories tab - target categories based on the relevance to your product and refine based on brand, price range and review star ratings
  • Products tab - target suggested individual products that are similar to your advertised product or search for specific products

Submit your ad for review (usually the review process will take 24 hours, but could take up to three business days)
  • Campaign performance metrics are usually available within 12 hours after it goes live

Note: You are free to edit the live campaign - change the landing page, creative, products by clicking the Edit creative button in the Creative tab

Sponsored Brands Moderation

Keep in mind, you can only promote products that you either own or are permitted to sell or redistribute.

Your ads must be truthful and accurate and the products you are advertising must be accurately described. Follow the basic guidelines from Amazon:
  • Avoid unsupported claims (best, top-selling)
  • Check for grammar, spelling and capitalization errors (start headline with a capital letter, but do not use ALL CAPS unless your brand is capitalized in the same manner)
  • Ensure brand logo is in your ad so that customers can identify you as the advertiser
  • Include a unique, relevant headline (i.e. quality or key product attributes)
  • If your headline refers to a specific seasonal event, ensure your campaign has an accurate start and end date

Sponsored Brands Campaign Limits
  • 1000 keywords / campaign
  • 100 Ads / campaign

Sponsored Brands Ads Translation

Amazon translates Sponsored Brands ads into the language of the marketplace on which you are selling your products
  • You can provide your translation for the creative while the ad is being reviewed or Amazon will translate it
  • Ad language will correspond to shopper’s language setting once your creative has been translated

Note: In rare cases, Amazon may not be able to provide a translation that meets the quality and ad policy bar and therefore will not provide a translation, but advertisers can still add and edit their own translations
  • Edit translations- keep an eye on the available languages and translation status in the Creative tab for your campaign within Campaign Manager. The edit translation button allows you to edit the translation or provide your own translated text.