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Amazon.nl: Sponsored Ads are Now Available in the Netherlands

According to the Amazon Website, Amazon has just announced the launching of Sponsored Ads in the Amazon.nl marketplace, allowing for more visibility and more sales for vendors and sellers on the Dutch Platform.

With its launch in March of 2020, Amazon.nl offered Dutch consumers over 100 million products across 30+ categories as well as benefits such as Prime Membership and offers, including free shipping on eligible orders of 20€ or more.

Throughout the year of 2020 alone, Amazon doubled its reach in the Netherlands to 7.3 million consumers nationwide. This accounts for 45% of all online users in the Netherlands, a change that is attributed to the launch of Amazon.nl in March.

“We’re convinced that we can win the trust of the Dutch consumer with a wide product range, competitive prices and fast and reliable delivery,” remarked Roeland Donker, the country manager Benelux at Amazon. Since its launch, Amazon in the Netherlands has expanded rapidly and even began offering the option of Amazon Advertising with Demand Side Platform (DSP) in October. But the growth is far from slowing, Amazon will now begin offering Sponsored Ads to vendors and sellers in the Netherlands as well.

What are Sponsored Ads?

Amazon Advertising is made up of multiple sectors, including DSP and Sponsored Ads and Sponsored Ads consists of three main types of ads: Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Displays (not yet available in the Netherlands). While DSP allows brands to create campaigns reaching target groups both on and off of Amazon, Sponsored Ads give vendors and sellers the opportunity to increase visibility and reach more shoppers within Amazon.

Sponsored Ads take the form of cost-per-click (CPC) ads helping vendors and sellers on Amazon to increase their visibility and reach to shoppers that may have never found their brand or products otherwise. These ads feature the option of manual or automatic targeting, matching them to shopping queries and products and meeting customers in the middle of their shopping journey.

Sponsored Brands allow vendors and sellers to quickly increase the exposure of their brand and product portfolio to shoppers who are searching for similar products. Appearing in the shopping results page, these ads feature a brand logo, custom headline and a varied product selection, effectively building brand awareness. When a shopper clicks on the brand logo, they are directed to a custom landing page or the Brand Store. When the shopper clicks on a product within a Sponsored Brands ad, they are immediately brought to that product detail page.

Sponsored Products allow vendors and sellers to develop an ad campaign for individual product listings. Found within the search results and on product detail pages, they also feature familiar elements including star ratings, product images and the Amazon Prime badge.

What are the benefits of using Sponsored Ads?

Sponsored Ads are a simple way to ensure that shoppers easily find and purchase your products on Amazon. Sponsored Ads help products gain visibility, appearing simply where customers will see them, and even increase sales by directing shoppers that are exploring similar products to your product page. Sponsored Ads also help control costs, thanks to the CPC feature, meaning you set your budget, decide exactly what you want to bid per click and pay only when shoppers click your ad. Finally, Sponsored Ads allow tracking for a variety of metrics, providing a clear picture of the impact Amazon Advertising has on a business’s sales and performance.

At factor-a, our experienced advertising team works to develop strategies and budgets that will help your business make the most of Sponsored Ads by analyzing Amazon data and shopper behavior and building personalized campaigns to help your business succeed.

What does this mean for Dutch vendors and sellers?

The addition of Sponsored Ads to Amazon NL is just another asset allowing both big and small Dutch businesses to grow and succeed. The launch of Amazon in the Netherlands has already provided Dutch businesses with a platform for reaching a much wider audience as well as aided in listing, payment processing, fraud protection, promotional features, and now, advertising.

Available to professional sellers, vendors, book vendors, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors and agencies, Amazon Sponsored Ads is just another way to help those selling from the Netherlands to offer products throughout the Netherlands, across the EU and even in the US.

What does this mean for shoppers?

For shoppers in the Netherlands, Sponsored Ads simply means ease of access to a wider range of brands and products. Not much will change in the shopping experience, except that customers browsing Amazon.nl will be exposed to many more options from the moment they type in their search term until they decide to make a purchase.