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Amazon launches brand stores and sponsored ads in Turkey

Amazon Launches Brand Stores and Sponsored Ads in Turkey

International expansion on Amazon

If you are not yet a seller in Turkey, but you are interested in expanding internationally, you should not only consider how to reach shoppers in your local market but also those around the world. The expansion of Amazon advertising and other features into new markets has enabled businesses to scale globally.

What are Sponsored Ads and Brand Stores?

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are cost-per-click ads on Amazon used to promote individual products to Amazon shoppers. This form of sponsored advertisement helps customers discover and choose to purchase products on Amazon with ads that appear in shopping results as well as on product detail pages.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands ads on Amazon are a customizable, cost-per-click advertising solution that can include a product image or video along with a title. These ads allow vendors and professional sellers to tell a story about their brand to engage new and returning customers.

Brand Stores

Brand stores also serve many of these purposes. Stores serve as a unique landing page for your brand within the Amazon cosmos. Brand Stores allow you to showcase your products and gain brand recognition and loyalty by telling your brand story in a unique and personalized way.

What are the benefits for vendors and sellers?

Sponsored Ads are made up of Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display Ads on Amazon. Benefits include:

  1. The ability to make products more visible because they are placed where customers are likely to see them
  2. These Ads help you to enhance your sales, by driving potential buyers to your product page when they are looking for similar products
  3. The ability to control your costs through the CPC feature by setting a budget and bidding exactly what you want to bid per click and pay only when shoppers click on your ad
  4. A business can track a variety of metrics trough Sponsored Ads, providing an accurate picture of the impact that Amazon Ads have on sales and profitability

Check out our Sponsored ProductsSponsored Brands and Brand Stores articles for information, tips and step-by-step guides for building campaigns. We are the Amazon advertising experts and we are happy to help you understand how Sponsored Ads and Brand Stores can benefit your business. Contact us now or send us any questions you may have and we will arrange a free one-on-one meeting for you and one of our experts.