The all-in-one vendor software

The factor-a suite is a multifunctional software program created by experts for Vendors and Sellers on Amazon. It uses a variety of data to summarize your most important KPIs, automated processes to help you complete tasks more efficiently and features such as upload sheets and answer templates to speed up operational tasks.

The data-based automation of the suite paired with the assistance and expertise of our experienced account managers will help you achieve product and campaign efficiency to give your business the competitive advantage you need to succeed on Amazon.

The factor-a Suite

Fully comprehensible, precise monitoring and individual reporting for reliable sales growth.

factor-a Suite Features

01 Dashboard

02 Sales Navigator

03 Reports & Analytics

04 Problem Detection

05 Content Monitoring

06 Review Manager

07 Advertising Automation

08 Comprehensive Market Data

The all-in-one vendor software

Retail reports & analytics

KPI live tracking

Bundling and tracking the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your sales and marketing as well as those of your competitors allows you to review your business’s Amazon activities and receive meaningful data whenever necessary.

Sales process

Keep an eye on sell-in and sell-out data records, inventory and returns

Traffic information

View the daily conversion rate as well as glance views for each individual product
Retail reports & analytics

Sales navigation

Identify the problems and optimization possibilities of your assortment as they arise. The Sales Navigator recognizes when your product is out-of-stock, when an incorrect replenishment code has been entered, the number of remaining Purchase Orders as well as what products have a high return rate.

ASIN individual view

Automated detection of problems and optimization potential

High level of detail

Automated in-depth analysis for cause recognition and recommended action

Individual view

Filters allow a view of the focused products
Retail reports & analytics

Buy Box analysis

Always know your inventory and product prices and adjust your pricing strategy accordingly.


Monitor the third parties that occupy the Buy Box

Root cause analysis

Identify and analyze root causes for Buy Box loss and how to address and prevent these issues
Sponsored Ads & automation

Campaign management

The factor-a suite collects and bundles all campaign-, product- and sales-related data so you can efficiently manage all Sponsored Ads campaigns in your Amazon business.

Individual reports

View and compare different time periods with freely configurable diagrams and analyses

Tagging system

Organize and access campaigns easily with the tagging system

Historical data

Keep track of and store relevant KPIs indefinitely at campaign-, ASIN- and keyword-level
Sponsored Ads & automation

Ad automation

Set rules to control all Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands within your campaigns and efficiently manage and react to changes in product information such as stock levels.

API connection & stock control

The software consistently makes automatic changes to the campaign and controls the campaign according to availability of advertised products
Content optimization & monitoring

Content monitoring

Our team of Amazon content creation experts uses in-house software tools to create quality, optimized content for your products but occasionally, Amazon or other vendors may overwrite this optimzed content.

However, when such deviations occur, the content monitoring feature of the factor-a suite will not only alert you, but will also automatically generate corresponding correction files to help you maintain the highest possible content quality.

Deviation identification & solutions

Identify content deviations and immediately access automatically generated correction files

Product information management (PIM) functionality

Manage content for all products on an editable database
Content optimization & monitoring

Review management

The factor-a suite Review Manager monitors and displays product reviews with filtering options that allow you to efficiently monitor and reply to customer reviews.

Up-to-date efficiency

Receive editorial support for processing customer reviews and comments and detecting Amazon Vine and Verified Reviews

Roberto Russo
Managing Director

Whitepaper: The factor-a Suite

Vendors on Amazon face challenges on a daily basis. Ranging from the Vendor Central account management through inventory tracking to analyzing marketing activities, the issues are as complex as they are numerous. If you often find yourself overwhelmed with problems that shouldn’t actually be problems and if reports show you wasted resources in unexpected places, then utilizing a third-party solution that interprets your data and automates operational tasks is a must.

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Roberto Russo
Managing Director