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We help Food & Beverages brands stand out on Amazon

With many years of successful cooperation with brands in the food & beverages category on Amazon under our belts, we are the experts of driving sales in this industry and we understand how to maximize our clients’ success.

Our Clients

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FACTOR-A/DEPT® stands by us as a valuable contact partner for all aspects of Amazon and SEO and supports us in the optimal presentation of our broad product portfolio.

We grow together and face the challenges that successful Amazon handling brings.
Alexander Schwarz, Sales Manager at Kreyenhop & Kluge

The Food & Beverage Industry is on the Rise

Case Study

Barilla: Encouraging Pasta Lovers to Buy Pesto

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The Evolution of the E-Grocery Industry

The food & beverages e-commerce market is growing, and so is your potential

The pandemic has kickstarted what is predicted to be exponential growth in the Food & Beverages (F&B) sector, and combined with the improvements and innovations in food packaging technology to extend shelf life, we can expect to see major growth in this industry as a whole. According to the Food Industry Association and NielsenIQ, grocery was the top online Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) category in 2020, accounting for 44% of all online CPG purchases. 

With a global market size of $46.72 billion in 2021, the F&B category will keep expanding to reach $57.09 billion in 2022, the Business Research Company predicts. In the next 5 years the F&B industry will maintain this upward trend at a CAGR of 17.6%, hitting an expected revenue of $109.23 billion in 2026. Among the online food retailers available, Amazon is among the top, with predicted revenue on par with the global rates.

We apply our expertise and knowledge to keep up with the developments in Amazon’s food & beverage category and to help our clients take advantage of the available growth potential and expand and succeed in this sector.

Our Approach

Drive Your Food & Beverage Sales on Amazon