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factor-a rebrands to FACTOR-A/DEPT®

Global digital agency DEPT® has today unified its brand across all of its teams by co-branding and rebranding factor-a, Studio Dumbar, Byte, Feed, Rocket Insights, Devetry, BASIC®, and Raybeam.

“We are a global team of digital experts, all focused on pioneering technology and marketing,” says Dimi Albers, CEO at Dept. “We already have a strong shared culture, and further integration of teams is enabling us to deliver a full service across the entire digital customer journey to help clients stay ahead.”

The co-brand is a logical step for factor-a, which joined DEPT® in 2018 and has seen consistent growth since it was founded six years ago. “We’re seeing that our clients are increasingly addressing how Amazon fits into their overall digital strategy, so working closer with the full service team across DEPT® makes perfect sense,” explains Nils Zündorf, Managing director of FACTOR-A/DEPT®.”

Though the main focus for FACTOR-A/DEPT® will remain on servicing its clients’ Amazon businesses, looking at the holistic, digital picture of retail marketing is necessary for brands to keep pace with the ever-evolving e-commerce giant. With 30+ offices on five continents and 2,500+ specialists pioneering tech and marketing, DEPT® is perfectly positioned to support brands across the globe.

“Creating data, maintaining it and analysing the information goes far beyond just Amazon, and spans across the entire funnel,” said Zündorf. “Everyone is talking about this, but there are not many agencies that are capable of doing it.” This also means keeping a close eye on marketing channels like eBay, Twitch and Spotify when building an e-commerce strategy. “Now that we are working more closely together with DEPT®, our clients will benefit from our experience with all of these marketplaces, not to mention the addition of over 350 data engineers in the team.”

Currently one of the largest agencies for Amazon vendors and sellers in Europe, FACTOR-A/DEPT® is set to accelerate its global expansion to become the largest in the world, a goal that is becoming even more realistic with the addition of over 650 colleagues in the US.