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The E-Commerce Drop Webinar: What is happening, what it means and how to cope

Check out this interactive webinar from July 20, 2022 during which Managing Director Nils Zündorf and Head of Marketplaces at DEPT® Kevin Veenman answered your questions live. These experts explain the current downward trend in e-commerce and why it may not actually be what it seems.

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  • E-commerce has grown 2-5x during the pandemic. However, the growth came to a halt in Q1 2022 and began to fall off in Q2
  • The biggest concerns for consumers right now are the rapidly rising prices and inflation and the vast majority have already changed their behavior towards money saving
  • Marketplaces seem to be more resilient and actually are still trending up or sideways in most categories. The flywheel effect that helps stand out: stock, price, selection, life-time-value
  • Audience questions including: should we diversify our target markets to expand our customer base? Navigating decreasing Amazon prices as a retailer? Media driving panic and influencing our choices? …and more, answered live by our hosts
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Want the slides for yourself? Download them here.

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