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Brand optimization: steps to success on and off Amazon

In this Live Stream Katharina Lurz, Team Lead Brand Content and Pauline Lammerant, Search Advertising Consultant, took a deep dive into the ultimate tips on how to turn your brand into a selling machine on Amazon.

Building up a strong and consistent brand presence on Amazon is crucial for success. Combined with Amazon Advertising, your brand content (from product information to a strong brand store) has a massive impact on expanding your audience and increasing sales and market share on Amazon. Tell the story of your brand, present your products in the right way and create a lasting relationship with your customers. Katharina will outline how to effectively evaluate the relevant Amazon categories through content, data and Brand Stores in order to then develop the right strategy for your brand. Last but not least, Pauline will explain how you can use Amazon Advertising to increase product consideration and conversion. Join our experts and understand the ins and outs of brand optimization on Amazon and, most importantly, how it can help your business reach its full potential. Watch the video and download the slides now.