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Amazon Belgium International AMazon marketplace

Amazon.com.be to launch any day now

After years of  browsing various other country sites, Belgian Amazon customers will finally have a market of their own. What’s more, the launch of Amazon Belgium also means a home for Amazon businesses within the e-commerce cosmos.

As of late July, sell.amazon.com.be has been available for selling partners to register their business on the Belgian marketplace.

The online giant building a marketplace in Belgium means convenience for shoppers, as well as the opportunity for them to support local businesses in a whole new way. It also means that Belgian businesses of all sizes now have the opportunity to expand internationally on an unprecedented scale.

For Belgian Shoppers

The launch of Amazon in Belgium simply means more convenience for Belgian shoppers. They have proven their loyalty to the retail platform over the past 20+ years, taking to Amazon.com, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de and more recently, Amazon.nl to fulfil their online shopping needs.

This fall, Belgian shoppers will be able to shop on their own market, benefit from the ease and accessibility of local delivery services and support Belgian businesses.

For Belgian Businesses

The launch of Amazon.com.be opens a new world of opportunity for Belgian businesses of all sizes to reach a completely new and international network of shoppers.

For those not yet selling on Amazon, launching in their home country helps overcome a lot of the barriers of launching on an international market. Amazon also provides a lot of support and benefits that would otherwise be difficult to obtain when independently launching an online retail business.


Since the increase in demand from Belgian shoppers, Amazon has expanded their delivery services, working with local services since 2021. Plans to open a fulfilment Center in Antwerp around the time of the launch is great for both shoppers and locals alike.

In a press release, Amazon states that the new center will create 50 permanent jobs and around 200 jobs for delivery drivers as well as opportunities for local delivery companies to employ new drivers.


Amazon is expanding globally and, offering new features and marketplaces around the world on a regular basis. After Belgium, there are plans to expand into South America as well. This is valuable for shoppers and sellers alike. Whether you are located in Belgium or not, you can make the most of the new marketplaces by familiarizing yourself with what it means to sell internationally on Amazon. Get more info about the a Belgian launch here.


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