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Amazon Marketing Services? Like Google AdWords, only more powerful

Increased product visibility and increased sales with Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon is on the rise and develops every day. Regarding product search, Amazon is what google is to search for content and information - the number one. A potential customer who is still in the process of making a decision and does not know exactly whether he wants to buy a product and from which manufacturer he wants to buy it, usually goes to Google to search for information. Consumers who have already gone through this process head for Amazon, where they can find a huge selection of products. There you can see if a product is for sale and how it is priced. Providing detailed product information and customer reviews ensures a holistic, positive customer experience. While on Google the conversion funnel is much longer, the customer is picked up with purchase intent very far at the end of the conversion funnel and led to the purchase.

For Amazon, this means a threefold advantage: Sales figures are increasing because Amazon offers the best price-performance ratio. In addition, customer loyalty is increasing and Amazon customers are no longer examining any further offers from other providers due to the high level of trust in Amazon.

In addition, Amazon is increasingly becoming not only a search engine but also an important advertising platform. Consequently, the value of advertising spaces for product advertisements will increase in the future and Amazon is developing into a profitable alternative to Google for advertisers and brand manufacturers, as well as retailers. Amazon has created the equivalent of Google AdWords with Amazon Marketing Services. Keyword-based product ads are placed in places above, within or below organic search results. Payment is made according to the cost-per-click model, where payment is not made until a prospect clicks on the ad.

On the basis of a fixed budget, it is now possible to go to the auction for profitable, much sought-after keywords and buy advertising space at auction. The principle is similar to that of Google AdWords, but advertisements via AMS have a clear advantage: they pick up the customer - as mentioned above - shortly before the purchase decision and are thus much more profitable than advertisements on Google AdWords. The audience reached on Amazon already has a high willingness to buy, an account and a positive buying experience on Amazon.

For manufacturers and retailers, Amazon Marketing Services offer the potential to increase their own sales at currently still low prices, to improve the ranking in the Amazon search algorithm and to draw comprehensive learnings in e-commerce performance marketing. You will learn how to increase the visibility of your products, which keywords work particularly well and should not be missing in the content of your product page and how you can increase your sales within a short period of time by using Amazon Marketing Services. If you get on the train at an early stage, you'll be among the leaders in Amazon vendor management and you'll be one step ahead of the competition.

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